Basic Cleaning Guide Before Painting Furniture

Basic Cleaning Guide Before Painting Furniture

Before you start painting it is SUPER important to thoroughly clean your piece to remove surface oils and any furniture polish residue. This step is the foundation of the bond between paint and project so start strong!

Below is an example of a dresser that had major staining and smell! I learned my lesson on cleaning properly! Let’s just say white paint and stains that pull through are not fun… or cheap…

Example of a stained dresser before cleaning

♥ click the picture for the after of this dresser! ♥

These are the products that Wise Owl Expert/Owner Karen recommends using -and we 100% behind.

Depending on the type of project you are starting…

For a non-porous surface that is free of major dust/ and or oils

Use Dawn dish soap and water – or – vinegar and water, keep it simple.

For pieces with heavy smells, stains, grease

Use LA’s totally awesome (from the dollar tree) full strength! This stuff cuts serious stain and grease and even nicotine stains/smells. Take cleaning a step further and seal your project with Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Salve to further neutralize odors.

Before painting kitchen cabinets

Use TSP (Tri-sodium-phosphate) Be careful with the stuff folks, it is not benign and is not to be used without caution. Use gloves and follow directions. This will remove oils that have built up, ensuring a proper bond. Remove TSP residue before painting with vinegar and water.

It goes without saying that no one right way. If you have furniture cleaning tips that you’d like to share or any questions please comment below!

-Happy painting everyone! xoxo

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