Customer Creations: James

Customer Creations: James

There is something about seeing “junk” on the side of the road… checking your surroundings… then making an immediate u-turn to pick up said “junk”… the process gives me so much joy! It also gives me great joy to see customer’s finished creations.

This months Featured Customer Creation is from someone very near and dear to my heart! This guy has been in my life since day 1… Literally… My twin brother James has always been creative and over the years his creations just keep getting better.

A super awesome friend of his gave him a cast iron base, because as I mentioned above he is super creative! He didn’t have a plan right away so it sat alone in his basement… Would it be a plant stand….?? Would it be a table….??

Several months later on his way home from work, he saw an appealing pile of wood flooring, doors and boards that had been removed from inside of the Columbus, OH Organ Factory. [Remember the “junk” we make u-turns for??] Instead of the glorious pile of treasures ending up in a landfill he filled up his SUV to capacity.

He linked three of the unique floor boards together with small wood screws – traced a circle – then used a handsaw to cut the shape.  

This is the only part we can take credit for… The Finish. He used the ever glorious Wise Owl’s Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve to seal his project! So of course we had to know his opinion on the product!! Here is what he said, “I would say if the smell alone were how it were judged, it’s genuine love at first smell. But the love continues. I’ve used this product on the staircase banister, parts of wood flooring that got water damage from plant water, and I used it on this project because it brings wood a refreshed look, clean and happy looking feel and finish.”

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