Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint: Why I Love it and Why You Will Too!

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint: Why I Love it and Why You Will Too!

Have you heard about Wise Owl? Are you curious what the hype is all about? Are you dying to know everything about it ?? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you!

In order to truly explain my love for Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint and Products I have to start from the beginning, so bear with me.

After about 9 years or so of refinishing furniture, in my spare time as a hobby, I decided to take the plunge of starting my own business. At the time I was using a few different brands of “chalk based paint”, but really was not satisfied with the quality or the coverage, especially for the price I was paying. In my research for an alternative option, I stumbled upon an Etsy.com listing selling Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint.

Not only did the label have an owl [which speaks to my soul because I LOVE OWLS!!] the price was right and the reviews were on point!



I held off on ordering because I was torn on the color options, because let’s be honest the selection is superb! A week or so later while attending a vintage market event, I found the paint in a vendor’s booth! I was overly excited by my discovery, so of course I took the paint home and tried it immediately! After one layer of paint I was in LOVE! I loved it so much that I submitted my application to become a distributor literally the next day! [disclaimer, I sell these products but in no way are you obligated to purchase them.]
Now that you know how I discovered the paint, I’d like to share four reasons why I love it and why you will too!

1. Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is free of VOC and is nontoxic.

Here is what that means and why the acrylic blend mineral paint has amazing coverage and superior adhesion to most surfaces; this paint is not made with a box store latex or acrylic paint with minerals added. It is made from scratch. It contains clay, minerals (Chalk), and an acrylic binder. [Paints must have a binder to make it strong enough to stick to your project.] Latex binders are not easy to distress and “gum up” when distressed, try it, it’s really not pretty!
Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint does NOT contain crystalline silicates, which makes it safer than many of the paints on the market today! These tiny crystals should not be inhaled, the side effects are similar to asbestos. When people distress and breath in paint dust that contain crystalline silicates, they are unknowingly causing irreparable damage to their lungs by putting tiny scratches in the lining that cause scarring. The Wise Owl ladies take special pride in not using them in the paint’s formula. Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis paint is a “Synthesis” [meaning combination or composition] of the best parts of acrylic, mineral, and clay paint without the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and without formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and crystalline silicates. [I know, such big words!!]

2. Wise Owl makes prepping your project SO EASY!

I will not lie. On most of my projects I do a light sanding or hole filling because I tend to be a perfectionist. However, no sanding or priming is required prior to application for most projects. It sticks to stained, painted, or wood furniture, metal, glass, fabric, and more. I personally feel this is one of the major selling points of chalk based paint and what drew me to using it when I first started this whole  furniture painting thing. Prepping furniture is the worst!!  With Wise Owl, I’ve never had adhesion issues like I experienced with other lines of paint.

3. The coverage is AMAZING!

A pint (16oz by volume) covers approximately 80sq ft. and a Quart (32oz by volume) covers approximately 160sq ft. You will appreciate its ease of application, I promise!! Here is a chart of some of the leading brands comparing price, size and coverage!
[Chart Credit: Rehab to Fab]

4. The color selection is SUPERB!

The amazing ladies at Wise Owl are so creative and never stop coming up with new ideas and colors! Below you can see all of the current colors including the new seasonal [limited time] colors!
As I said in the beginning I do sell this paint, but for good reason! When I first tried it I fell in love and made the decision to share it with as many people as I could! Why keep this gem to myself??!! Along with their amazing paint the finishing products are so innovative and fresh!! Not to mention the ClingOn! Brushes!!! These are all topics for another day, but should not be disregarded!
Don’t believe me? Try some for yourself!
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